Get2it – Business Marketing Program

Targeted to Small to Medium Size Business

Starting Now. Get2it LLC is proud to be offering a great marketing opportunity for local businesses to take advantage of.

 For a limited time, we are able to offer this program to a select few local businesses, at no cost for up to three months (Contact an Ambassador for Specifics)

Notice: If you enroll now, you may have the option to continue on the no cost extension plan as an earlier adopter to our new marketing program. (Ask one of our Ambassadors to find out how you can qualify)

Get2it Savings Codes are Generally offered for: $250, $500, $750, and $1,000. *Customized amounts can be requested and may incur a small setup fee.

Typically the codes are sold for 15-35% of the face value with discounts offered for bulk purchases.

Many of our long term customers have chosen a monthly program with ( 6+ month term) unlimited use.  This is a great option for companies that want to drive maximum traffic.

The Demo of how it works for the Code recipients is at

How are the codes offered? Many clients choose to offer the certificates as a “thank you gift” for doing business with them.

Larger certificates are generally given for large purchases, and a smaller certificate for small purchases and referrals, and many have found this to be of great value. Our Ambassadors can help you plan on how to optimise your marketing opportunities based on your specific business needs.

Please contact us for a free quote and consultation for your marketing needs.

You will also be provided with your own customizable splash page like the one Linked here.

Get Your Own Customizable Counter top display for acrylic 8 1/2 x 11 stands

Optional & Customizable Co-branded business cards with offer explanation on the back

Contact us to get Started

You Get Codes, a Personalized Splash Page, and Collateral images. Contact us and tell us a little about your company and we will be glad to costomize something specific for your needs. Get Started TODAY!